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PHOENIX Appeal for GONZO – 2 year old Boxer X Bullmastiff

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Don’t judge a book by its cover! Gentle, affectionate Gonzo is a hard looking boy with a soft centre! He’s in Phoenix foster care, having previously been found straying before being taken into the SPA.

He is a bundle of fun and gets on brilliantly with his foster carers, with other dogs, and is learning to control his bouncy enthusiasm with his canine foster-siblings.

Gonzo is not a beginner’s dog and needs an owner experienced in powerful breeds (Gonzo is the size of a Boxer but is a stocky 40kg) who is willing to provide him with the high level of exercise and stimulation he needs, and to be his firm but gentle pack leader with whom he can feel safe and secure. Gonzo needs to know his place in the pack, as true to the Bullmastiff breed, he can be guarding of his own people and wary of strangers. As with all of our rescues, a fenced garden is a pre-requisite, especially for such an athletic boy as Gonzo.

He’d love another doggie friend to play with, is good with horses, but is NOT good with poultry!

If you think Gonzo would like to join your pack, then please contact his carer, Patricia, on 05 53 50 40 76

email: [email protected]



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