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Normandy to Bordeaux - fancy a change, advice appreciated

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We have lived in our current house in a village in Normandy for over 16 years. One of our two sons has just started University here, the second one is not far behind so a life style change beckons. Our jobs in the UK had us moving every two to three years, so this is the longest either of us have lived in one place since childhood. We have visited Bordeaux a couple of times, and are considering selling our house here and moving to an apartment in Bordeaux. We do rent out a flat we own in St Malo, so are familiar with the Syndics, charges, etc but ( and this is the rub) have only lived in it for 2 weeks whilst we renovated it. Neither of us has lived full time in an apartment block, but square meters for euros, a city apartment in Bordeaux is quite a bit less expensive than an equivalent surface area house. We worked and lived in London and hanker somewhat for the city life again. The ability to walk/tram/bus for day/night entertainment again is an attractive option. Is there anyone out there living in an apartment in Bordeaux that could offer an input?
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