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Phoenix Spring Facebook Auction

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Phoenix Spring Facebook Auction

Silence please! The Phoenix Spring Facebook Auction launches on 18th March, and will be running for ONE entire month in order that you can pick up some gorgeous goodies and do a good turn for the animals at the same time.
The auction page is:

How it works:
1. Donators post a photo of their item / service onto the group.
2. Bidders bid on the item using the comments box next to the photo.
3. The highest bidder for each of the items on the closing date of 14th April wins it! Keep bidding until it's 'going...going...gone!'
Full rules are available on the page itself.
At this stage, we're calling for ALL DONATORS please! You can donate anything, whether it be goods or a service and whether it be as much as a night's stay in your hotel, a massage / fitness session, pottery class, arts & crafts, to a simple DVD or bar of soap - the possibilities are endless and dependant entirely on your generosity. EVERYTHING counts!

All enquiries and questions please to Jackie on [email protected]

Thank you!

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