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Toulouse Periphique Nightmare

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Went to Blagnac airport yesterday evening to collect some people. Went up the A64 (the one that runs along the Pyrennees past Tarbes and then up to Toulouse. Near Toulouse it said that the exterior one would be shut overnight but went on the interior and then off following the airport signs. Came away from the airport and there was a queue - the AutoRoute was shut and slowly made our way towards Toulouse with other diverted traffic joining. At one roundabout some drivers seemed to be waiting for a modern day Moses to come along and part the traffic already on the roundabout before they would pull forward. Eventually the traffic thinned and on whichever N road came to the signs for the AutoRoute signed Tarbes - but it was coned off and at the end of the cones a sign saying END OF DIVERSION.......how the hell was I supposed to find where to get on the route to Tarbes as there were no diversion signs!!!! So went back a little way, took the road to Auch, turned of at L'isle Jourdain and proceeded south.

If you can avoid the area whilst the work is carried out.

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It can be worse than the M25 sometimes, as you say, very poor on directions.

I drove home from Blagnac Sunday evening, made the mistake I always make, took the motorcycle route leaving the airport. [:$]. But soon got back on the motorway again.

I noticed the exit to Samatan/Lombez was closed, so continued to Auch.

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