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Property search in the Gers region

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My partner and I are looking to purchase a property in the Gers region - ideally we are looking for an older style cottage/house with a minimum of approx 4000 sqm's of land rural/village outskirts - we are happy to renovate although would prefer something which is structurally sound (all subject to price) - our budget is up to €135,000 - we have visited the numerous websites and have seen several properties already which are of possible interest.

We are coming to France on 1st July for 2 weeks to view - we will be staying in Fources.

We would be glad to hear from anyone who maybe able to help or who knows of any suitable properties.

Thank you.

Simon & Wendy
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

I was hoping to say ... have you looked on le bon coin ? As that particular site, which is much loved by all, is usually a good indicator of what is available locally. But there was not much to be found and none at all in your price range, though that was in and around Fourcès - chosen as you said you would be staying there.


You need to give us more info so more help can be given.


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Hi Sue

Thanks for the reply - we have seen a few properties (Green - Acres) up to €135k - we looked on le bon coin but found very little.

We are reasonably flexible on the area as long as it is in the Gers - as mentioned we are coming over for 2 weeks from 1st July and have made a few appointments to view already so if you are able to offer any further suggestions or advice we would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks again.

Simon & Wendy
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