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Snow! Snow! Snow!

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Thanks sweets, I'm a founder member of the society for the abolition of TLA's (three letter abbreviations - or four in this case !)

Where I worked they actually ran a web page to explain what all the TLA's meant but being a global corporation the same TLA could mean different things depending on where you were in the world !


That's Waste Treatment Facility BTW, just in case you though it meant something else [Www]

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It also snowed here in the Gard this morning - just a little and very pretty against the trees. But thank heavens the wind has dropped! The past few days the wind has been about 47km/h with gusts up to 83km/h; the trees in the parc have been swaying and creaking like mad.

We had a very large branch down a few weeks ago at the front of the building which we had to have removed; luckily, there were no people or cars underneath at the time. We've also had to get estimates for the removal of two lovely trees which are taller than the building, sway a huge amount, especially the past 10 days or so, and which have most of their foliage on the sides facing the road - many branches on the building side were removed before it was built. Apparently they are cyprès; I've been looking up about such trees, but haven't yet found the right ones. Maybe someone on here knows them - the trees in question are shown in the photo below; they are the two seen above the rest around them, in the centre, close to the buildings. We'll be left with two smaller trees, but the two big ones will be sadly missed. Eventually we'll have to turn our attention to replacements, but the soil will need a lot of attention before that.

Photo didn't work, so will have to try another way.

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So much for the warnings about heavy snow and freezing temperatures this winter. Northern Allier has had the warmest January and February on record.

So no burst pipes this year. I just hope my temporary repair to the roof holds out until I can make it properly watertight....
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