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Brocantes info please?

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Our kids are spending a week in Dordogne at a place called Jumilhac-le-Grand. They love brocantes and such like so would appreciate any info as to where they may find them nearish to this place.

The French brocante site is dreadful and tells you nothing.

Also any other places worth a visit with a 50 mile driving radius.

Thanks in advance

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Don't worry Carolski. On a daily basis many people just look at the "active" posts which show recent posts from all sections. 

Cendrillon, eagle eyed, noticed that what appeared to be a rather strange double post was in fact you posting again on the SW section as suggested by Angela.

Given that there is now a link between the two threads there will be no problem with archiving and others accessing the replies by going to either section.

I hope the answers were of some help to you.

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