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Need to hire this!!

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Does anyone know where in the area I could hire one of these, as near to Belves (24) as possible



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[quote user="f1steveuk"]I think Nico made a genuine mistake, he was braking slightly to the right, just where the bump is, plus Lewis wasn't going to beat his time.


Hmm maybe, maybe not. He also braked to the right today, much harder locking up but he still didn't need the escape road.  It is one of the more predictable circuits who starts on pole finishes on pole unless there is a mechanical failure.  Still someone must of slipped something in Button's drink he actually had a go seeing as how Kevin was making him look bad.

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Nico's super softs looked about shot at the end of quali', but to be honest if he wanted to ruin anyone's ;ap, he wouldn't have gone down the escape road, he'd have "done a Schuey", and left it on the track, the clerk of the course could have let those last laps go with the Merc down the escape road and off track, can't really see why he didn't. I had high hopes of Kevin when he was signed. He's shown flashes, just needs to be more consistent, especially as the big money is on Alonso making a return to the silver cars with Honda engines next year!!

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