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2018 English Book sale for Animal Refuges

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This year's sale of English books will be on Sunday 27th May, at Aussillon in the Tarn.

It works like this:

Kind people give me their unwanted English books (often in almost brand-new condition) and I onsell them on the day for just 1 euro each. I already have over 1000 books stacked up ready to go, with more promised between now and the end of May. Last year, between sales of books, donations and the accumulated advantage of tax reductions on previous years' gifts to the refuges, we managed to donate just under 1800 euros, so it is a successful formula and also a sociable afternoon.

The sale will take place between 2pm and 5pm, at 12 rue des Ecoles, Aussillon.

All the money raised is divided between the ASA Chenil d'Aussillon (dogs) and Le Chat Protégé at Marican (cats).

For more information, please call Chrissie on 06 21 37 60 01.
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Thank you again for such a wonderful and huge collection of books you donated (especilly as all nice and clean and laid out in trays). Although we are still a couple of weeks from the sale itself, my husband and I succumbed to 12 books from the boot of the car, so the dog refuge is already winning!

Good luck with your move back to the UK

Chrissie (81)
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Hi Irene

Thanks for your message - we did very well on the day and were able to raise 1866 euros for the refuges. Thank goodness people still like a good read!

Wishing you all the best with your final signing and your new life in the UK.

Chrissie (81)
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