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Driving to Carcassonne

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I have tried many routes but the one I favour, not necessarily the shortest is:
This is totally autoroute and the cost in December was 77.80 Euro each way.
I am sure that others will tell you of their favourite routes!
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We have a house at Montjardin which is about an hour from Carcassonne. Last summer we drove down through France from St Malo( its 300 miles nearer than Calais). We got our route by going on the viamichelin website we found them excellent and the route was very clear. Can't remember how much it cost but we used motorway all the time. On the way back we left Montjardin at about 8am and got back to St Malo about 4.30pm( we stopped only once really for lunch and the odd fuel stop) but that extra 300 miles we couldn't have done to Calais, but it is cheaper to travel to Calais than St Malo, but you obviously have to pay the fuel on those extra 300miles.On the way down we stopped at a hotel on the motorway outside Niort it was really good,food was local and superb.All the information will be found on that website. I hope that helps.
Lyn and Arthur
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This has really helped me make up my mind and thank you all for the suggestion of viamichelin. All very helpful and I'm now trying to work out miles per gallon vs ferry crossings to St Malo!

We've only done the journey once by car last Easter taking a route west of Paris which was OK until hitting traffic at Cahors after 9 hours driving. To return we took a more Eastern route over the M. Centrale which was lovely scenery but because of roadworks at Lodeve(?) we lost about 3 hours journey time which took the edge off things and then got stuck going round Paris.

I really appreciate all your help. If anyone has any further suggestions, please let me know!


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