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Plumber and others local to Chalabre

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Does anyone know of a plumber local to us. Our holiday home(to be our retirement home in 2 years time)is located in Montjardin near Chalabre,Aude. We are hoping to have an additional toilet etc installed this year. Secondly a carpenter for some work inside the house( banisters and stair rails). Third and finally a blacksmith or someone who can make a metal guard rail for our first floor french window. Currently they open and you step out into the ether.WE have nightmares of what might happen if our young grandchildren came out to visit.
Many thanks
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Our builder has passed these names to me which might help you. I think his last comment means he does not have any personal experience of using them in his business.

Entreprise DROUIN
1 Rue du Pont vieux

Monsieur RIVES Jacques
Chemin tour

Nous ne pouvons pas vous assurez les entreprises nous ne les connaissons pas.

Hope this helps you.
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