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Our new house is rising from the ground quickly, reminding us there are other important arrangements to make before we can move in.
Help or advice to locate a doctor in the area, and any tips relevant to local medical care would be very welcome. We have some french, but if there is an English speaking doctor, so much the better. We will be located within a 'stagger's' reach of the Clinique - but don't know anything about it - yet!
We've put a posting on the Health forum seeking more general information.
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Welcome to the area.

Dr Boudin speaks passable English and is located in the clinic. Some people say he is not the best there but we have never had a problem.

There are hospitals at Quillan, Limoux and the A&E is at Carcassonne. Get your topup insurance for your Carte Vital from AGF in Quillan they are very good and all the medical facilities you require know the chap there (admin - not advertising just consumer information).

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