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A friend of mine lives on top of Quillan and there are LOADS of English people there and in the surrounding villages. When we were there a couple of months ago I was surprised at how much English I heard. In her tiny village alone (forget the name but it,s on top of Quillan ) there are at least 6 English families.
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Chris Kenway who lives in the area got information from the Quillan Mairie earlier in the year that there were about 50 odd British families known to them at that time.
I don't know about St George, I assume not all are English?

(Get off hobby horse my wife says!)
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Hi, I bought a place in the next village (Belviane) so far I have heard of 5 families in my village. Is there a meeting place for the brits in the area? I am down again 3rd -17th April. I think it very important we intergrate with the french but see no harm in getting together with other brits from time to time. Art
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We have a house at Montjardin which is about 20 minutes away, we only use it for holidays at present but will retire there in about 2 years. The are a number of people living local piprob who are on this forum are having a house built there.
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I think I'm frightened to 'come-out' as a future Quillan resident. I hope it's a forgivable offence.
If not, I'll do my time ever so quietly 'guv'. I won't speak publicly in English .. honest ... I promise!

The Banque Populaire at Quillan has opened an English section in a small village close by. That must say something. But I'm not telling where. Don't want to blacken its name!

If you're listening Magalie - sorry to split on you.
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