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Does it exist in the area? And if so, at what price? Information from anyone in the know locally would be much appreciated.

Spent a happy hour installing Microsoft Messenger and a webcam yesterday. Thought it might help staying in touch with the kids. But because I have refused to pay UK prices, I'm a broadband novice. Maybe it's no less expensive in Quillan?

Not long to go now - 19 days before we set out for France. But then ... who's counting?


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So its nearly time to move in. Good for you. Lyn and I were originally moving to our place in Montjardin in May 2006, but now we have decided to bring it forward to the end of setember this year.Whats the point of continuming to work for workd sake? We are out at easter but are back in the Uk on the 4th of April so will probably miss you. Hopefull will see you in September. Plerase let us know how you get on with the broadband as we are taking our computer with us, like you at the moment I'm, not prepared to pay the extorinate prices they want for it in the UK.


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This can vary by location in Quillan, but I plugged in the phone number of a local restaurant into this site : http://www.degrouptest.com

The result was :


No quoted date for connection

This site is normally reliable : it changed overnight when ADSL became available in my village.

BTW, you can check the latest situation here : http://www.lesproviders.com


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Hi PipRob,

Thanks for popping in the other day, hope all is OK.

ADSL is available in and around Quillan, I'm on it and also had it back in the Gite in Laval and that was 3 years ago.

If you have a phone number, if not you have to go to Carcassonne as the agent is now closed in Quillan, you can check via the wanadoo.fr website. If you don't then ask about it when you go to French Telecom in Carcassonne (it's near the railway station by the way).

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Outcast - I know you think anyone who isn't in your neck of the woods is bound to have a pretty miserable time of it, but I can tell you that there are many folk who prefer to travel by horse and cart and to communicate by carrier pigeon. You don't have it all, by no means. Until you have experienced the delights of Quillan's civic amenities you haven't lived.

Pretty soon, the only reason for computers and broadband will be to receive news of the 'outside world', smile gently, and take another sip!

PS Seems fairly tame on LF at the moment.


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