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Hello everyone

A similar request here

We're a Scottish family of three - two adults and a teenager - and will be relocating to France as soon as we sell our own house which is currently up for sale. We are looking for a house to rent while we house-hunt for our dream home to buy. we are hoping to find something in the Cevennes or surrounding area. If anyone has some advice or can help us, perhaps to house-sit or to rent a holiday home over the winter at a reasonable cost, we would be extremely grateful.



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Hi Annabel

Your flat sounds like a place we could be interested in.

At the moment I still don't have anything definite on the sale of my flat here in Scotland so can't commit to anything just yet.

Could you send me some more details?

Hi Audois

Your place might also suit us. At the moment although we have been thinking roughly the area in and around the Cevennes as our final destination, we're by no means stuck on the one area and want to look around a good bit before we buy.

As I've explained I can't commit to moving out to France until I sell up here, but as soon as that happens I'll be wanting to move quickly.

Could you send me some more details about your place.

Thanks to you both


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