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Moving to Dept 42 - anyone there?

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Absolutely, Rhone-alpes is in south eastern France. I am in 69, Rhone. Can I just mention a personal gripe. People always put the number, not the name of the department. I don't personally know all of the numbers, I am sure I am not the only one. Wouldn't it be better to put the name, and perhaps the number too. As far as I am concerned, where I live, lots of people pass through, so there are lots of numbers, I just looked up 42 when I saw this post and was surprised to find it was St Etienne.
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no it's me, I think, I just live in my little Lyon bubble most of the time, and we don't have a car and tend to go further afield for breaks, so although I might have spotted I was in 42 on the one trip I made to St Etienne, it doesn't stick in my mind. But in a more general sense, it is things like "does anybody know of an accountant in 24" that irritate me a bit.

To the original poster whose thread I am not going to hijack (!)there is an English language magazine called something like les anglophones, that is specific to the Rhone alpes area and that you can get free from the consulate in Lyon, should you come through here. The consulate is on rue Childebert, about 5 minutes walk from place Bellecour. People advertise in it and there are various associations mentioned.
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