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I think he may be one of le Bouffon's drinking companions, Chris.

If Esperaza is Europe's cradle of civilisation which many an eminent professor has suggested, I just wonder what was Quillan's part? To have become the place of renown it undoubtedly is, it must have played a major role in shaping mankind as we know it today - like convincing people it was more polite to walk upright instead of pointing their bottoms in the faces of people behind them. I suppose this was the begiining of etiquette as we know it.

On a more philosophical note, it saddens me that there is still no door on Quillan's public lavatory. When the world began, I suppose the population of the town had more important things to contribute to civilsation. I expect they were wondering how they were going to  teach the Greeks all sorts of stuff, as well as getting ready to educate the Romans.

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