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Architect near Narbonne

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A good friend of mine has a son who is an architect. He lives in Nimes, but travels (I'm not too sure how far Narbonne is from Nimes, but he has worked in Paris, & I guess it's not quite so far!) I have no idea what he is like, but Daniele, my friend, is lovely!

The name is Luc Perret. I'll PM you with his phone number rather than broadcast it to all and sundry on the internet. I hope that's OK.

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if you're willing to look as far as Port Vendre (quite near Perpignan) you might try Ari Hantke. his phone number is 0674811143. he is german but speaks good english (and french) and his wife who is a translator works as his secretary so communication would not be a problem.

we only know him through music (he plays a mean double bass) but he is a nice guy. i have his e mail address too if you want it.
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