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Road Closures and Snow

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You could try this http://www.meteofrance.com/FR/trafic/index.jsp

Click on an area of the map to zoom in, or choose a town from the list.  If there are any known driving problems in that area they are highlighted by a yellow exclamation sign.  Rolling your cursor over the sign will bring up details of the problem.

I can't see any road closures due to snow at the moment though.

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[quote user="Geordie girl"]What snow quillan? We've got glorious sunshine. Am i missing something.[/quote]

No but I know last week two Cols were closed due to snow because my guests got turned back. Some guests today asked if they were open and I couldn't find the information anywhere.

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[quote user="lacote0_0"]Bison Fute for which cols are open:



That's the one, I tried Cats but this one is much better if you know the area. It shows snow in one Col and the other (near Andorra which is where my departed guests are going today..... Ooops) is actually closed through to Spain.

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I would say that the snow line in the Alps is about 2500 metres, light snow

remaining above that altitude from last precipitation about 2 weeks ago.


are normally dates, published in departmental sites, after which the

cols are not ploughed; see, for example http://www.savoieroute.com/previsions_ouverture_fermeture-etat_des_cols-7.html.

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I find that amazing ... I drove up to Andorra via Quillan/Camurac last Monday without any problems ... no snow on the road at all .. some on the sides .. same in Andorra

Try 'Info Ariege' - when I know the snow is bad that's the number I call - but I haven't got it to hand!  Ask the gendarmerie for it or pick it up off the automated panels in Ax/Hospitalet ...

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