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Moms and Mums in Languedoc-Roussillon

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I am 40, I have two children ages 2 and 5.  We are looking into a move to Languedoc-Roussillon from Mexico.  Looking for others that have done it.  Do you have a favorite area?  School?

Thanks Moms....


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Langudoc is a massive region hundreds of square kilometers; it would be best to narrow it down first to a department of which there are 5 in the langudoc! You have a choice of mountains, sea, canal etc.  Once narrowed down it will make it easier to meet people in the local vicinity.  Hope this helps! 
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Hi Michele,

We live in a small village outside Prades in the PO region  - a bit left of Perpignan on the map. We chose the village (which is the 3rd we've lived in in France now) for it's school primarily, although in reality we also liked the village and found a house which suited us. Our children are 1.5 and 3, so one has recently started school and the other goes a registered child minder 2.5 days a week. In reality it was the latter which we had most trouble with .. as in finding one (the registered bit was the problem).

What to say...look around, keep your ears open and when you find something which 'feels right', move forward.

Good luck,


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Unfortunately I'm male: mr mom.

We live in Villardonnel, about 20km north of Carcassonne.

It's a small village, outside of the hustle and bustle but just a couple of minutes away from the main road down to Carcassonne, which has a huge medieval castle (where they filmed the Costner version of Robin Hood). So no driving down winding country roads, unless you really want to!

The local school is excellent. The teacher is young(ish) but has been there for years and really works the kids hard, in preparation for college.

Quite a few of these small village schools have newly qualified teachers that move on after a year to bigger and better things, so he's a real gem!

Obviously I don't like everyone in the village but most are nice and there are a fair few English speakers too.

There is a post office and a bar/restaurant/shop which is run by two English speaking women - one of whom is my partner.

We're not too far from Spain, skiing in the mountains, and the coast (Perpignan and Narbonne).

Hot in the summer, cold in the winter, but not as cold as further up the mountain (the area is called the black mountain but it's more like a very wide hill, you are further up but it's such a gradual ascent that you hardly notice the climb!).

The international airport and larger city of Toulouse is about an hour away.

Not perfect but pretty good.

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