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Bones you out on the pop again ?

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You have changed your Avatar.  I didn't relise that it was you posting.  I hope that you had a happier Christmas than the dog!

We gave our dog a special treat - a dish full of turkey stock.  He rewarded us with a puddle by the back door.


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Double; triple.... Have at it!

Weather has been spot on for the most part. It was cold leading up to Christmas but seems to have calmed down; could've probably got away with a jacket this afternoon. Hardly sweltering but sunny at least.

Xmas has been garbage, our lad has flu so we've been stuck in.

Hoping he recovers by tomorrow night!

Is Blighty freezing cold? Come on, give me some good news.

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You really should stop watching so much telly and get out of your basket and do a bit of jogging[:)]

Yes its been horible here, very cold up to christmas, then for the last week wind and rain and still cold, looking forward to a bit of sun in carcassonne in a couple of weeks, so save some for me ...............

Hope the new year celebrations are more fun for you

Happy 2008[:)]  

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So you are a beautiful creature too ?    [:D]

Our Harls is wonderful as I am sure Bones will agree with his glamour queen.   Where else would you find a strawberry blonde with a 22 inch neck?   And don't tell me Anne Widdicombe either..........................

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