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research for a survey: english people living in France

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My name is Caroline Legrand and, as part of a research that I am carry on for the french national centre for scientific research (CNRS), I am looking for interviewing British couples with children living in FranceIn addition to having children, these couples should be professionnaly active and in the situation of not living together on a daily basis because of the need of at least one of the partners to work away from home.


In the case you fit these criteria, I would be very happy, if we could organise two face-to-face interviews (One with each partner).These Interviews could be realized either in french or in english (even though my english is not perfect. Each interview lasts 1 h 30 approximatively and is recorded


Questions deal with professional mobility, transports and housing. I, and my colleagues, try to understand the way whereby partners organize their family, domestic and professional life when they have to face with profesional mobility. At the end, we hope to provide a better knowledge of "people living apart together" ; a population which have never been studied before and whose needs are not taken into account (neither by profesionnal companies nor by public authorities). Each participant remain anonymous.  


For more information, feel free to contact me.


Yours faithfully


Caroline Legrand, Social Anthropologist
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