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New ruling on Winter fuel allowance

Boiling a frog

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[quote user="Gardian"]

[quote user="Boiling a frog"]No one is going to knock on your door in the middle of the night and drag you off to an interment camp or shoot you for filling in a form before the required date.[/quote]


Just an aside & nothing whatsoever to do with possible claimants like us.

Some friends have stayed with us recently. Both single (one divorced, the other a widower) and who may well 'set up' together in the coming months.

If that were to happen, would they still get 'double-bubble' (as it was known where I used to work) even though their address was the same?  I mean, who's to say that they were 'together' as opposed to just living in the same house?

Its a matter of supreme irrelevance to us and our friends - it just came up over our 1st glass of Rose this evening when talking about this interminable thread.   

[/quote]As I understand it the allowance is only paid once per household. When I applied 8 years ago there was a question on the form asking if anyone else at my address was receiving WFA. Of course things may have changed now
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I'v only read the last couple of pages of this thread so please excuse me if this has already been said, but from those replies it doesn't appear to have been.

I spoke to a very helpful lady at the DWP and she talked me through finding the form and said to fill it out and send it in. No dates mentioned. Also to expect a delay as they have 3,000 claims to sort out.

So a good guess at where you will be on the shown dates seems in order and if you finish up in the clink you can inform them...

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