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I'm going on a year-long university exchange to Univeriste Paul-Valery in Montpellier. Does anyone have suggestions for things to do, places to visit, eat, etc? Also any help on packing for my exchange would be greatly appreciated.

This is my first time in Europe so I'm hopefully going to be doing a lot of traveling.

I'm getting to France (via a really cheap fare :) ) Aug 27th and I'm spending a week in Paris with a German friend. Then Sept 4th I'm going to Montpellier!  

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Well, Montpellier itself has a lot going for it, which I am sure you'll find for yourself on arrival. However, make use of the railway services to visit at least Avignon, Nimes, Narbonne, Perpignan and Carcassonne during your stay.



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Montpellier has a huge student community and there is also and Irish pub that serves guiness and such and an English cafe too.  Lots of bars and brasseries and many other activities including ice skating, aquarium, Olympic pool (and a new pool complex being built as we speak) various cinemas (including films shown in English).  Be sure to invest in one of the tram cards, I think there is likely to be a reduced rate for students, since the tram is a good way to get about.  I think Montpellier is a great city and there is usually lots going on.  I do not think it get that cold in winter, although we did have a small amount of snow last winter.

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Just to say that things have moved on a bit.

The English cafe closed last year.

There are now 4 Irish pubs, and others that are English speaking (e.g. Vert Anglais next to Virgin megastore).

The aquarium opened recently - that area (Odysseum) is undergoing huge expansion (around 15 big cranes in April) as the next "new" suburb of Montpellier.

Montpellier has a few days below freezing each year, but can feel colder when the North wind (a sort of little Mistral) blows. It can still be 20C on a nice winter afternoon and cafes in the Comedie serve outdoor tables all year round.

More info :

Weather history

Montpellier webcam


Local bloggers in English

Current weather & forecast




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Shows you what I know:).  I live about 50kms from Montpellier, so do not frequent the establishments I mentioned.   There is a huge amount of work going on at the Odysseum, I think they are building a new pool. karting, loads of new restaurants and shops.  Forget to mention the new sports stadium they finished building last year too at the end of the new tram line.

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