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Vet recommendation please.

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28 Avenue Marechal Juin, Carcassonne Tel 046825 02 50.

The location is opposite the Cemetery as you go East out of town, they are on the right by a junction. The Chamber de Commerce is right behind them.

I have not given a vets name as there are four of them and two speak excellent English. They do most things in-house including X Ray, Ultrasound, operations (large and small) and blood analyst.

Are they any good, well put it this way I have several vets within 10 minutes drive, it takes me an hour to get to Carcassonne and they are who I use.  The local vets also refer you to them if your animal has a serious problem. They are more like an English type practice but more importantly I trust them.

Hope that helps.

I think their opening hours are 09:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 19:00

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That sounds like a good recommendation.

Further to Quillan's informative post, vet practises like the one described also, usually have an emergency number i.e. one vet is on call at all times, so assistance is available out of hours too. 

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Thank you to both of you.  Would they be open on a Monday?  I know some businesses are closed on Mondays.

To be no longer than my 48 hours I need to go on a Monday.

Also would they have an email address?

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For the past 7 years I have used Dr.Mondo in Carcassonne. 13 av F Roosevelt (right off the rocade/big Leclerc roundabout and 50 metres up on right) 04 68 25 42 36.  He is up to speed with pet passport documentation and also the Blue Cross vet. 

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