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Flash floods in Southern France

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That's so terrible. I'd heard 2 had died last night, increased to 9 this morning, so they're still finding bodies.

There'd been a widespread orange warning through the south, up to the Gard, Drome and Ardeche, but were downgraded in the Gard and Ardeche last night.

It sounds and looks appalling, just like in 2002. Those poor people.

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My local news is talking about 20 dead and 12 missing. The serious flooding has been in 06 and 83 this time, but now the weather and flood warnings have been lifted.

I am in Languedoc where the 2002 floods hit.

We had violent storms last night with about 75mm of rain, but no flood risks.

National flood info is here : http://www.vigicrues.ecologie.gouv.fr and my local river is here : http://www.vigicrues.ecologie.gouv.fr/niveau3.php?idspc=20&idstation=55


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