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Is there another lake near Carcassonne?

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Sounds like you had a great time Rose, Im jealous I have always wanted to go on the little yellow train..... still snow is better than leaves !!

Have you visited Frondfroide Abbye (sp?) when you were near Nabonne ? Stunning place


Did you see the pic's of my lake on page 2 of this thread ? loverly place to swim.....


What was your name before Rose ...why was I calling you PPP ?? was it pretty pink person ?? terrible memory I have  

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You aren't the only one wots jelous about the Little Yellow Jobbie Pads! I have been wanting to go on it since before we moved over here! I'll get there one day!

Sounds like you had a good time Rose. I agree with Pads about Fontfroide as well. The restaraunt in the abbey is really good too. Next time we go, which won't be long, we will have a wander around the gardens as well as another shooftie around the abbey. A truely lovely place in a beautiful setting.

Queribus has to be one of my favourite chateaux. How they built it is a mystery to me never mind how it was captured! That's the Pair-a-knees Mountains with the snow on..



Note the knees, on me, are covered!!

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Oh well if we are both waiting for you to organise it ....then..... well get on with it ;)

We are both over for a flying visit ( driving actually) in March just to check all is well , then I still waiting for comformation from work but probally for 3 weeks in june.

I will probally be at the market about 11/12 am on the  12th March if your around for a catch up coffee ?  

And mark the 12th of june in your calendar for a picnic at mine (hopfully the weather will be better than last time ) then you can meet the loverly Rose..... just waiting for work to comfirm my holiday dates and I will comfirm the date with you xxx 

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R U saying I talk trype young man?? ( frown smiley) And there was I gunna ask if you wanted oiling again as Im coming down by car ( stick tougue out smiley) now you can stick your oil where your wood dont shine (blush smiley) But I still might bring you some marmite if you ask nicley ........ (smile/whistle  smiley)


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