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Hi everyone,

It's that time of year when I'm planning my summer break again.
Cool [8-|]

I'm going to be staying in Banyuls-sur-Mer in June but fancy a couple of days in Sète first. I notice that FlyBe now flies into Beziers which would be pretty handy and I'm considering that as an option rather than flying into Montpellier. As I will be relying on public transport to move around I was wondering how easy it is to get from the airport to the station i.e. are there buses, or even better are there any buses that go direct to Sète? Or, failing both of those, what would be the likely cost of a taxi?

Many thanks


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[quote user="Derek M"]Thanks for that. Unfortunately the FlyBe flight gets in at 13.40 so misses those two buses a day! I wonder as the FlyBe route is a new one this year if they'll put a bus on to meet that flight? [/quote]

I suspect that they will put on a bus to meet it. The current timetable only goes up to the end of March and the flights don't begin until 27th May.



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[quote user="Derek M"]Hopefully. I've just tried to email them via the form on the website but it keeps comes back saying they consider my email to be spam so can't send them a message requesting information [8-)]

Wow, what a great idea - think I will set up my work email to reject all incoming emails as spam. Nice quiet life.


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[quote user="savoirflair"]Derek M, have you considered Ryanair?  They fly to Beziers from both Luton and Bristol.




but I'd prefer to use a proper airline, to be honest [:D] Bad history

with them so would only consider them if there were absolutely no

alternatives. I found an email address for Beziers airport so have

dropped them a line in my best French asking if there will be connecting

buses with the FlyBe flights. So will wait until I get a reply (will

post here if I get one!) to make a decision.


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