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good collèges near Avignon either 84/13/30 !

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Hi, my husband has just found out that he is moving to Avignon this summer so we are looking for a house and hoping to live near a good collège catchment area.  We are currently in Metz (NE France) and it's hard to get a feel for whether a collège is good or bad just from the results and the school website.  We think we might live in the south of Avignon therefore potentially in department 13 or in the west and in department 30.  Can anyone give us any info on collèges in these areas as I am so scared of my kids ending up in a rough collège !  I have bright, hardworking kids and don't want to make the wrong choice !

Anyone with a nice house to sell ?


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Hi there, I did answer your post when you were asking for colleges near Nimes. Maybe you didn,t see it. Can,t speak for Avignon but did mention a couple in Nimes for you. Look at your original post.Good luck.


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