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2011 cheap Flights to Languedoc ...

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Most of the announcements seem to have been made, and I have updated the routes for 2011 (see below).

The main changes are reductions in routes from Girona and Marseille from Ryanair. There are, however, increases from Toulouse (Vueling & Easyjet), Beziers (Flybe and Ryanair) and Barcelona ( Ryanair).

Please let me know if you spot any errors

To - From Carrier

Avignon    - Birmingham    Flybe   

Avignon    - Exeter    Flybe   

Avignon    - Southampton    Flybe   

Barcelona - Algiers Air Algerie   

Barcelona - Algiers SpanAir 

Barcelona - Alicante SpanAir 

Barcelona - Amsterdam    Easyjet   

Barcelona - Amsterdam    Transavia  

Barcelona - Amsterdam    Vueling   

Barcelona - Asturias SpanAir 

Barcelona - Athens    Aegean Air  

Barcelona - Athens    Vueling   

Barcelona - Bamako SpanAir 

Barcelona - Banjul SpanAir 

Barcelona - Bari SpanAir 

Barcelona - Basel-Mulhouse    Easyjet   

Barcelona - Belfast    Aer Lingus  

Barcelona - Belfast    Easyjet   

Barcelona - Belgrade SpanAir 

Barcelona - Berlin Germanwings  

Barcelona - Berlin Tegel SpanAir 

Barcelona - Berlin    Easyjet   

Barcelona - Berlin-Tegel Air Berlin   

Barcelona - Bilbao SpanAir 

Barcelona - Bordeaux Vueling   

Barcelona - Bristol    Easyjet   

Barcelona - Brussels    Brussels Airlines  

Barcelona - Brussels    Vueling   

Barcelona - Bucharest Vueling   

Barcelona - Bucharest    Blue Air   

Barcelona - Bucharest    Wizzair   

Barcelona - Budapest    Wizzair   

Barcelona - Cagliari Ryanair

Barcelona - Cagliari Meridiana   

Barcelona    - Casablanca Air Arabia

Barcelona    - Casablanca    Jet4you   

Barcelona    - Charleroi Ryanair

Barcelona    - Cluj-Napoca    Wizzair   

Barcelona    - Copenhagen    Cimber Air  

Barcelona    - Copenhagen    SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Copenhagen    Transavia  

Barcelona    - Cork    Aer Lingus  

Barcelona    - Coruna SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Crete Vueling   

Barcelona    - Dortmund    Easyjet   

Barcelona    - Dublin Ryanair

Barcelona    - Dublin    Aer Lingus  

Barcelona    - Dubrovnik SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Dubrovnik Vueling   

Barcelona    - Dusseldorf Ryanair

Barcelona    - Dusseldorf Air Berlin   

Barcelona    - Dusseldorf Germanwings  

Barcelona    - East Midlands    BMI baby   

Barcelona    - Edinburgh Ryanair

Barcelona    - Florence Meridiana   

Barcelona    - Fuerteventura Ryanair

Barcelona    - Fuerteventura SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Gatwick    Easyjet   

Barcelona    - Gdansk Wizzair   

Barcelona    - Geneva    Easyjet   

Barcelona    - Gran Canaria Ryanair

Barcelona    - Gran Canaria SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Granada SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Hamburg Germanwings  

Barcelona    - Hamburg SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Hamburg    Air Berlin   

Barcelona    - Heathrow   BA   

Barcelona    - Helsinki SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Ibiza Ryanair

Barcelona    - Ibiza SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Istanbul  SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Italian cities    Vueling   

Barcelona    - Katowice   Wizzair   

Barcelona    - Lanzarote Ryanair

Barcelona    - Lanzarote SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Leeds Bradford Ryanair

Barcelona    - Leeds Bradford    Jet2   

Barcelona    - Lisbon Easyjet   

Barcelona    - Lisbon    Vueling   

Barcelona    - Liverpool    Easyjet   

Barcelona    - Ljubjnana Vueling   

Barcelona    - London City BA   

Barcelona    - Luton    Easyjet   

Barcelona    - Lyon    Easyjet   

Barcelona    - Madrid SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Malaga Ryanair

Barcelona    - Malaga SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Malta SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Malta    Air Malta  

Barcelona    - Malta    Vueling   

Barcelona    - Manchester    Avro  

Barcelona    - Manchester    Monarch   

Barcelona    - Marakesh    Vueling   

Barcelona    - Marseille SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Milan Ryanair

Barcelona    - Milan    Easyjet   

Barcelona    - Minorca SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Moscow Vueling   

Barcelona    - Munich Aegean Air  

Barcelona    - Munich SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Mykonos Vueling   

Barcelona    - Nador Jet4you   

Barcelona    - Nador SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Naples SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Newcastle    Easyjet   

Barcelona    - Nice SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Oran    Air Algerie    

Barcelona    - Oslo Ryanair

Barcelona    - Palma Majorca Ryanair

Barcelona    - Palma Majorca Air Berlin   

Barcelona    - Palma Majorca Germanwings  

Barcelona    - Palma Majorca SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Paris Beauvais Ryanair

Barcelona    - Paris Orly    Easyjet   

Barcelona    - Paris    Vueling   

Barcelona    - Paris CDG Easyjet   

Barcelona    - Porto Ryanair

Barcelona    - Poznan Wizzair   

Barcelona    - Prague Vueling   

Barcelona    - Prague Wizzair   

Barcelona    - Prague    Smart Wings  

Barcelona    - Riga    Air Baltic   

Barcelona    - Rome Ryanair

Barcelona    - Rotterdam    Transavia  

Barcelona    - Santander Ryanair

Barcelona    - Santiago Compestella SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Santiago Compostella Ryanair

Barcelona    - Seville Ryanair

Barcelona    - Seville SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Sophia    Wizzair   

Barcelona    - Spanish cities    Vueling   

Barcelona    - St Petersburg Vueling   

Barcelona    - Stansted    Easyjet   

Barcelona    - Stockholm SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Stuttgart Air Berlin   

Barcelona    - Stuttgart Germanwings  

Barcelona    - Tallinn    Estonian Air  

Barcelona    - Tangier Jet4you   

Barcelona    - Tartu Estonian Air  

Barcelona    - Tel Aviv SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Tel Aviv Vueling   

Barcelona    - Tenerife - N SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Tenerife - S Ryanair

Barcelona    - Tenerife - S SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Timisoara Wizzair   

Barcelona    - Tirgu mures Wizzair   

Barcelona    - Toulouse Vueling   

Barcelona    - Valencia SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Vallodolid Ryanair

Barcelona    - Venice SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Venice Marco Polo Ryanair

Barcelona    - Venice Treviso Ryanair

Barcelona    - Vienna Vueling   

Barcelona    - Vigo SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Vilnius Wizzair   

Barcelona    - Vilnius  Estonian Air  

Barcelona    - Warsaw Wizzair   

Barcelona    - Zagreb SpanAir 

Barcelona    - Zurich Vueling   

Beziers    - Bristol    Ryanair   

Beziers    - Dusseldorf    Ryanair   

Beziers    - Luton    Ryanair   

Beziers    - Oslo Rygge Ryanair   

Beziers    - Paris Beauvais    Ryanair   

Beziers    - Southampton    Flybe   

Beziers    - Stockholm    Ryanair   

Carcassonne   - Charleroi    Ryanair   

Carcassonne   - Cork    Ryanair   

Carcassonne    - Dublin    Ryanair   

Carcassonne    - East Midlands    Ryanair   

Carcassonne    - Leeds Bradford     Ryanair   

Carcassonne    - Liverpool    Ryanair   

Carcassonne    - Porto    Ryanair   

Carcassonne    - Prestwick Ryanair   

Carcassonne    - Stansted    Ryanair   

Girona    - Aarhus    Ryanair   

Girona    - Alghero    Ryanair   

Girona    - Amsterdam    Transavia  

Girona    - Billund    Ryanair   

Girona    - Birmingham    Ryanair   

Girona    - Birmingham    Thompson Airways  

Girona    - Bologna    Ryanair   

Girona    - Bournemouth    Ryanair   

Girona    - Bratislava    Ryanair   

Girona    - Bremen    Ryanair   

Girona    - Brindisi Ryanair   

Girona    - Bristol    Ryanair   

Girona    - Brno Smart Wings  

Girona    - Brussels    Jetairfly   

Girona    - Charleroi    Ryanair   

Girona    - Dublin    Ryanair   

Girona    - Dusseldorf    Ryanair   

Girona    - East Midlands    Ryanair   

Girona    - Eindhoven    Ryanair   

Girona    - Fes    Ryanair   

Girona    - Frankfurt Hahn    Ryanair   

Girona    - Gatwick    Ryanair   

Girona    - Gatwick    Thompson Airways  

Girona    - Gdansk Ryanair   

Girona    - Gothenborg    Ryanair   

Girona    - Gran Canaria Ryanair   

Girona    - Granada    Ryanair   

Girona    - Graz Ryanair   

Girona    - Grenoble Ryanair   

Girona    - Hamburg    Ryanair   

Girona    - Ibiza   Ryanair   

Girona    - Karlsruhe Baden    Ryanair   

Girona    - Karlstad Ryanair   

Girona    - Kaunas Ryanair   

Girona    - Lanzarote Ryanair   

Girona    - Larnaca Ryanair   

Girona    - Lille    Ryanair   

Girona    - Liverpool    Ryanair   

Girona    - Luton    Ryanair   

Girona    - Madrid    Ryanair   

Girona    - Magdeburg Ryanair   

Girona    - Malta    Ryanair   

Girona    - Manchester    Thompson Airways  

Girona    - Marakesh    Ryanair   

Girona    - Mastricht    Ryanair   

Girona    - Memmingen    Ryanair   

Girona    - Milan    Ryanair   

Girona    - Newcastle    Ryanair   

Girona    - Newcastle    Thompson Airways  

Girona    - Oslo   Torp  Ryanair   

Girona    - Palma Majorca Ryanair   

Girona    - Paris Beauvais    Ryanair   

Girona    - Perugia   Ryanair   

Girona    - Pescara    Ryanair   

Girona    - Pisa    Ryanair   

Girona    - Poznan    Ryanair   

Girona    - Prague    Smart Wings  

Girona    - Prestwick    Ryanair   

Girona    - Rome    Ryanair   

Girona    - Rotterdam    Transavia  

Girona    - Rzeszow Ryanair   

Girona    - Seville Ryanair   

Girona    - Skelleftea Ryanair   

Girona    - Stansted    Ryanair   

Girona    - Stockholm   Skavsta  Ryanair   

Girona    - Stockholm   Vasteras  Ryanair   

Girona    - Tallinn Ryanair   

Girona    - Tenerife Ryanair   

Girona    - Trapani    Ryanair   

Girona    - Turin   Ryanair   

Girona    - Venice Marco polo Ryanair   

Girona    - Venice    Treviso Ryanair   

Girona    - Vilnius Ryanair   

Girona    - Wroclaw    Ryanair   

Marseille - Monastir Transavia  

Marseille    - Agadir    Ryanair 

Marseille    - Algiers Air Algerie   

Marseille    - Annaba Air Algerie    

Marseille    - Barcelona SpanAir  

Marseille    - Batna Air Algerie   

Marseille    - Bejaia Air Algerie   

Marseille    - Bodrum Air Mediterranee  

Marseille    - Brest    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Bristol    Easyjet   

Marseille    - Brussels    Brussels Airlines  

Marseille    - Cagliari   Ryanair   

Marseille    - Casablanca    Jet4you   

Marseille    - Charleroi    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Chief Air Algerie    

Marseille    - Constantine Air Algerie    

Marseille    - Dakar Air Mediterranee  

Marseille    - Djerba Air Mediterranee  

Marseille    - Dublin    Aer Lingus  

Marseille    - Dublin    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Dusseldorf    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Edinburgh    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Eindhoven    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Fez    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Gatwick    BA   

Marseille    - Gatwick    Easyjet   

Marseille    - Gothenborg    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Helsinki Blue1   

Marseille    - Heraklion Air Mediterranee  

Marseille    - Ibiza Air Mediterranee  

Marseille    - Koln Germanwings  

Marseille    - Lille    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Madrid    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Malaga    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Malta    Air Malta  

Marseille    - Malta    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Marakesh Air Mediterranee  

Marseille    - Marakesh    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Monastir Air Mediterranee  

Marseille    - Nador    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Nantes Ryanair   

Marseille    - Oran    Air Algerie    

Marseille    - Palermo Ryanair   

Marseille    - Porto    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Rome Ryanair   

Marseille    - Seville Ryanair   

Marseille    - Shannon    Air Mediterranee  

Marseille    - Stansted    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Stockholm    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Tallinn    Estonian Air  

Marseille    - Tangier    Ryanair   

Marseille    - Tartu Estonian Air  

Marseille    - Valencia Ryanair   

Marseille    - Vilnius  Estonian Air  

Montpellier - Alger Air Mediterranee  

Montpellier - Casablanca Air Arabia

Montpellier - Copenhagen    Cimber Air  

Montpellier - Fez    Air Arabia

Montpellier - Manchester    BMI baby   

Montpellier - Oran Air Mediterranee  

Montpellier - Tallinn    Estonian Air  

Montpellier   - Birmingham Ryanair   

Montpellier   - Leeds Ryanair   

Montpellier    - Amsterdam    Transavia  

Montpellier    - Charleroi    Ryanair   

Montpellier    - Copenhagen Transavia  

Montpellier    - Frankfurt Hahn    Ryanair   

Montpellier    - Gatwick    Easyjet   

Montpellier    - Luton   Easyjet   

Montpellier    - Madrid    Iberia  

Nimes    - Charleroi    Ryanair   

Nimes    - Liverpool    Ryanair   

Nimes    - Luton    Ryanair   

Perpignan    - Charleroi    Ryanair   

Perpignan    - Dublin    Aer Lingus  

Perpignan    - Manchester    BMI baby   

Perpignan    - Southampton    Flybe   

Perpignan    - Stansted    Ryanair   

Rodez    - Dublin    Ryanair   

Rodez    - Porto Ryanair   

Rodez    - Stansted    Ryanair   

Toulon    - Amsterdam    Transavia  

Toulon    - Brest    Jetairfly   

Toulon    - Brussels    Jetairfly   

Toulon    - Charleroi    Jetairfly   

Toulon    - Liverpool Ryanair   

Toulon    - Stansted    Ryanair   

Toulouse - Agadir    Air Mediterranee  

Toulouse - Algiers Air Algerie   

Toulouse - Barcelona Vueling   

Toulouse - Belfast    Thomas Cook Airlines  

Toulouse - Belfast    Jet2   

Toulouse - Birmingham    Flybe   

Toulouse - Bodrum Air Mediterranee  

Toulouse - Bristol Thomas Cook Airlines  

Toulouse - Bristol    Easyjet   

Toulouse - Brussels    Brussels Airlines  

Toulouse - Casablanca    Jet4you   

Toulouse - Dakar Air Mediterranee  

Toulouse - Dublin    Aer Lingus  

Toulouse - Edinburgh    Jet2   

Toulouse    - Gatwick Thomas Cook Airlines  

Toulouse    - Gatwick    Easyjet   

Toulouse    - Geneva Easyjet   

Toulouse    - Heathrow   BA   

Toulouse    - Heraklion Air Mediterranee  

Toulouse    - Ibiza Vueling   

Toulouse    - Leeds Bradford    Jet2   

Toulouse    - Lisbon Easyjet   

Toulouse    - Lyon    Easyjet   

Toulouse    - Madrid    Easyjet   

Toulouse    - Malaga Vueling   

Toulouse    - Malta    Air Malta  

Toulouse    - Manchester    Thomas Cook Airlines

Toulouse    - Manchester    BMI baby   

Toulouse    - Marakesh Jet4you   

Toulouse    - Milan Easyjet   

Toulouse    - Nantes Easyjet   

Toulouse    - Newcastle Jet2   

Toulouse    - Nice Vueling   

Toulouse    - Oran    Air Algerie    

Toulouse    - Palma Majorca Vueling   

Toulouse    - Paris CDG Easyjet   

Toulouse    - Paris Orly    Easyjet   

Toulouse    - Prague Vueling   

Toulouse    - Rome    Easyjet   

Toulouse    - Tallinn    Estonian Air  

Toulouse    - Tartu Estonian Air  

Toulouse    - Tenerife Vueling   

Toulouse    - Venice Vueling   

Toulouse    - Vilnius  Estonian Air  


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[quote user="Simon-come-lately"]Hi Mpprh - great list. You may also like to add Cityjet services between London City (LCY) and: Avignon Brive Deauville Nantes Paris Orly Pau Toulon ... amongst others Simon :-)[/quote]

I think hehas not added them because they are not in the Languedoc region of France. [;-)]

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If you live in the region you will know that these airports serve the region, Paris does not for example as its a 10 hour drive away. It will also depend which part of the region you live in. Toulouse for example is actually in Midi-Pyrenees which is the next region over yet its only about 10 minutes drive from the Languedoc border. Barcellona and Gerona are only a couple of hours drive from some parts of the region. The section of this forum is called South East by the way. [;-)]
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Oh dear, people living in a region served by Paris Orly are not going to look in the 'South East (Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur)' section of the forum they will more likely look in 'Paris Ile de France' section. If its general (as opposed to regional) information then they are actually more likely to look in the Travelling to/from France section of the forum. So if you have information about new flights to that region it might be better to post there and not in this section. Pilots licence, I used to have one of those, PPL, SEP-land, (all five class's), night flying and instrumentation rating until I had my heart attacks and had Angioplasty. I do still hold both Yacht and Ocean Master certificates. I also used to hold a MSA A class (Competative Safari) licence and have raced in several 'Safari's' including the Dakar but again lost it due to heart attack.

If I had wanted to be 'Condescending and patronising' I would not have put a 'smiley' on the end of my comments to indicate the comments were light hearted ribbing.

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I am not worthy Quillan. I shudder in your presence and confirm that you have put me firmly in my place - well done!

As a forum moderator (!?) I would have expected you to know that many contributors pick up a thread from the 'Active' list and don't select them on a regional basis.

Isn't it just awful when people don't conform to tidy little rules about posting on forums.

Give me strength.....

Simon :-)

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Excellent list but I am going to take issue with you over the title.  I have frequently found it cheaper to fly Frankfurt - Marseille with Lufthansa, than to fly German wings from Cologne (Köln) - even taking into account the train fare from Cologne to Frankfurt. 

For those not in the know Germanwings is owned by Lufthansa so go figure the logic

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Firstly .... I missed CityJet and have now included their flights to Avignon and Toulon.

The airports I include are all used by Languedoc visitors and residents. Languedoc is rather long and narrow, so Marseille is closer than Girona if you live in East Languedoc. Similarly Barcelona is closer than Montpellier if you live at Le Boulou. I live in east Languedoc, but have often used Girona because it used to have more suitable destinations than local airports. Also worth noting that a couple of hours drive along the A9 coast autoroute in winter is more attractive than driving Stansted or Luton to the Lake District on a rainy Friday night.

National carriers are a difficult choice. Some consistently compete on price for some routes, and I've included some.

The updated list remains here : http://the-languedoc-page.com/tourism/languedoc-tourism-air.htm

and the current news about 2011 routes is at : http://the-languedoc-page.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5275

The compilation is a joint effort !

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  • 1 month later...
Does anyone know if Ryanair fly from Carcassonne or Nîmes to Liverpool in the Winter ?  When I try to book this I can't tell whether it's not available because the flights are not yet bookable or whether they don't fly to these destinations in Winter, can anyone shed any light ?  Thanks

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As I'm sure you're aware, they certainly used to fly ex Nimes and also Carcassonne (I think), but as you're also equally aware, that's no guide to the future.

You can book Luton - Nimes now for the winter, but not ex L'pool. It might be that they haven't released the flights yet, or that they're going to dump it. Your guess is as good as anybody's.

You could try ringing the French airports, but the chances of a definitive response are low. Same with ringing RA's call centre.

All in all, a dead wooly reply I'm afraid.  Ringing Liverpool airport just might get you a better answer. 

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Thanks for that Gardian.  We live in the N.E of France at the moment and there are no direct flights to the N.W. of England from here so I'm understandably excited at the thought of moving (back) down South where there are more options - winter flights don't seem so obvious though.  I think I'll phone Liverpool airport as you suggest as I've already emailed Nîmes airport but haven't yet had a reply.

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[quote user="itsnippyhere"]Does anyone know if Ryanair fly from Carcassonne or Nîmes to Liverpool in the Winter ?  When I try to book this I can't tell whether it's not available because the flights are not yet bookable or whether they don't fly to these destinations in Winter, can anyone shed any light ?  Thanks


Ryanair are reducing winter flights from Languedoc to NW UK. They are no flights to Blackpool, reduced movements at Manchester but increasing services at Leeds Bradford.

The recession is hitting winter volumes, and they have today announced that they will lay up 80 aircraft in winter 2011 / 2012 (cf 40 in 2010 / 2011). New routes will be announced for skiing but many of the flights to Languedoc will just be quietly "rested".

There is an ongoing news service here : http://the-languedoc-page.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5275

Nimes - Luton flights are currently bookable in winter 2011/2012, but nothing is yet available for Liverpool - Nimes or Carcassonne.

There is still time for these routes to be added.


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Yesterday was the inaugural flight of the new Flybe Southampton - Beziers service. It arrived 10 minutes early.

The flights will run between 27 May and 9 September 2011. Details are:

Southampton-Beziers dep 10:35 arr 13.35 (Friday) dep 10:45 arr 13:40 (Monday)

Beziers-Southampton dep 14:10 arr 15:05 (Monday, Friday)

Booking today for next week, flights are around £55 one way economy (£200 business). Economy tickets have extra charges for hold luggage.

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