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A bit of an update on the building problems at Nimes Garons having used it for the first time this year. Firstly, they have closed the departure lounge after check in totally. There was no sight of any building work taking place that we could see. The main building has been remodelled as it is unsafe it seems to let anyone through the old departure lounge. The barrier shown on the Midi Libre picture now seperates the old concourse into two parts. Arrivals still come in the same way, but as the barrier which seperates Departures blocks off the toilets, they have had to let everyone into the luggage conveyor belt area as that has the only other toilets. The cafe is still open.

Departures goes through the old check ins, but then doubles back into the area with the shop (which has opened again), toilets, and the bus booking bench (which now doubles as the second cafe point). They have put the chair benches from the old departure loung in there so you have something to sit on. The route out to the plane (which you can no longer see land) runs out via the Lounge area.

Having said all that, it does seem to work!!

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They probably paid someone a small fortune to work it all out. By the way, when I referred to the route to the plane being via the lounge area, I did not mean the old departure lounge. There is another lounge area ( to the right as you face the runway) which has comfy chairs and you can use if you pay the airport extra. I wonder if it lets you jump the queue!!

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Panick .............

We (and visitors) used to use Nimes quite a lot, but our preferred route now is Avignon - Southampton with Flybe.

We're usually heading for the Thames Valley and whilst pricier than RA, it's much more convenient. The station at Soton is no more than 50m from the terminal.  Works well.

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