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Saintes Maries de la Mer

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Hi Ellen   Welcome to the forum and Happy Christmas.

We had four days in St Maries in October and had avery enjoyable stay. The place is quite small and easily covered on foot. There is a street full of restaurants plus many more including a couple or more bars on side streets. They do a wide menu from Camargue steak to Paella at resonable prices. When we were there There was an exhibition of Camargue horse riding skills and a sort of bull fight where the bull is not killed but the tormentors have to put (or take off) a loop off from the bulls horns. we also went on a boat trip up the petit Camargue.. We saw small Safari trucks takeing people out onto the Camargue.One day we walked quite a way into the Camargue. Nearby is Aigues Morte. When we were there it was some kind of festival where bulls were run through the main street (surrounded by cowboys and cow girls (cow persons ? )) There was also live bands playing in one of the squares.Like St Marie there were many restaurants and a few bars.

If you look some of the things that I have mentioned up on YouTube you will get a taste of things to see. We enjoyed it so much we are going back next year.

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