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Bus travel - Aix to Arles

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I'm going to be in Aix-en-Provence in mid-May and then intend on having a few nights in Arles after that. I quite fancy a bus ride between the two towns but I can't find anything obvious online. Does anyone know if such a bus route exists or am I doomed to the inevitability that is the triangular rail journey into Marseille and back out?


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I just did a 'test enquiry' for a May midweek journey Aix - Arles.  It gave me 3 options for a 11.00 desired departure.

Two involved a bus to Miramas (Marseilles outskirts) and then onwards by train, which is not what you want and takes 2hrs-ish.

The 3rd was a direct bus (via Salon) and takes 1hr25mins, leaving at 14.00.  It didn't show the cost, but it wouldn't be much.  There'll be an earlier than 11.00 bus too I'd guess.  Hope that helps.

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