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The one Euro bus Quillan to Perpignan and Quillan to Carcassonne "airpor"

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Hi, has anyone used these bus services (which I understand operate during the summer)?  Haven't yet had the need to use public transport in France but thought we'd give it a go this year.  Are they reliable - seems like an absolute bargain? Wanted to check as we don't want to get stranded at either end with flights to catch! Thank you

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The information and timetable are below

Carcassonne - Quillan

For the train


For the bus


You should be aware that the physical train only runs certain times and at other times it is replaced by a bus which stops at all the train stations the train stops at. This bus is different to the bus in the link above.

It runs on time and the physical train is a good way to see the countryside between Quillan and Carcassonne. We recomend this to our guests rather than the 'Red Train' (runs from Axat to Clara nr Perpignan) which has a limited timetable and very expensive.

Perpignan - Quillan by Bus (no train)


You have to go to the bottom to get the actual timetable and there are only two buses a day from Perpignan to Quillan.


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Hijacking the thread a bit: is there also a bus Quillan_Chalabre which could link with the one from Carcassonne?

I hesitate to drive after reflection..

On the main topic I often use the Languedoc 1€ (oe 1.50) services, although in the Hérault

They have always been reliable.

They are cheap because they are subsidised by the Region.

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