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Horses near Carpentras (84)

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We are making our usual journey to Carpentras at the end of May but this time we are taking goddaughter number 9 with us for a couple of weeks.  She's 17 and very keen on horses - can anyone point me at horseriding facilities (or somewhere she can just look at horses) anywhere in the area?


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First of all, let me say that the only thing I know about horses is what won the 3.30 at Lingfield !!

However, there are two very active horsey places very close to us.  Our Belgian neighbours visit one of them every time they're down here with their 6yo daughter and go off riding. I pass the other place every morning and there are about 20 horses in the field and youngsters are always riding them over little hurdles etc.

One of the two places has organised rides which come come up in to the Bois adjacent to us - I know because I've seen the horse poo and have heard them winnying !!

You'll be a good hour away from us here in the NE Gard, but if you don't get any better suggestions, I'll happily make enquiries for you. PM or Email me. 

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