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Out of season holiday rental

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As a new member would first like to say Hi!

We have sold our house in the UK and are planning our permanent move to France, aiming to be in a rental home by September.

Our chosen location is in the Languedoc, close to Limoux, and we will be looking initially for an off-season holiday let or failing that an unfurnished property for aprox. 6 months, to enable us to find a permanent home at leisure, rather than trying to find something from the UK.

I realise that the forum rules disallow specific offers for property etc, but can anyone advise me of any websites, agents or other sources of rentals that may exist that you have used to find a rental property? I am planning to fly over towards the end of this month to look at prospective places.

Obviously we are open to offers, and if you do have something you may consider suitable, please send a private mail & I will get back to you asap

Many thanks
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Welcome to the Forum.

In my opinion, you are doing exactly the right thing and one I wish I had done

You can look at leboncoin


and there are a number of letting agents in Limoux Carcassonne and Mirepoix.

Many of them are also selling agents such as Century21

In Mirepoix there is a specific letting only agent


and there is an English café where you may get news of people looking to let privately.

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Many thanks - I have contacted most of the agents in Limoux - and am on their "mailing lists".

Century 21 didn't do rentals when we visited them in April, but said they may do by the end of the year.

Where's the English Cafe? I missed that one.

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Welcome to the Forum. Just to encore what Norman has said in that you are doing absolutely the right thing, especially as French property prices are forecast to continue to decline for the forseeable future and if you buy in the wrong place selling can therefore be a challenge and very expensive. Ideally, you should have kept a foot on the UK property ladder, as statistically you are likely to return to the UK eventually and you will probably find yourself priced out of the UK property market, but I accept not everyone can afford to keep a property in the UK. Another consideration is that the Euro is also forecast to decline in value as the year progresses, so would recommend getting advice as to when is likely to be a good time to sell your £'s.
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Can I say "Thanks" to all who posted or emailed information.

I had a very fruitful weekend in Limoux & area last week, and we have settled on an old farmhouse near Fanjeaux for a six month out-of-season rental from September.

After what was a very stressful and rapid move out of our house into rented in Yorkshire, we hope the move down south will go a little more smoothly.

I'm sure we will have more questions before we are in a position to help others do the same.

Many thanks
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