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Selling property in the Languedoc

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Our house has been on the market for two years now - there is nothing wrong with it and it is not overpriced - in fact it is very cheap! Our first immobilier has had no viewings in two years - can you believe that - and we are going to change to another company. We have two other agents, one in Villeneuve Minervois one in Mazamet. Who have, at least, had some viewings. Question is we need another Agent based in Carcassonne - our house is in the Montagne Noire 25km north of Carcassonne.Any recommendations? It is a 3 bed semi, fully furnished and equipped €58,000. As far as I can see it is about the cheapest habitable property around and we still cant entice a buyer! Any one had recent dealings with an immobilier in Carcassonne?
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