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Bit sad this. I'm a serious 007 fan (the old ones). As I'm living in Basse Normandy thought I'd visit the chateaux used at the very beggining of the 1965 film 'Thunderball.' I believe they used Chateaux d'anet east of Paris (when he escapes by jet back pack). Think I found it on the map, but is anyone out there sad enough to know if this was the chateaux and perhaps has a  map reference/local directions.

Thanks in advance


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Thanks for the help. I'll head that way in the new year. I grew up pre video when 10 year old films were still showed at the flicks so Bond was always a bit of a mystery to me. When my old man took me to see my first Bonds at the Odean aged around 10 during the early 70's I was completely blown away. As a result Connery for me was Bond.

Ashamed to say I only read the books during the 80's and 90's. Could'nt get the image of connery out of my head. As Fleming himself would admit he had in mind Hoagy charmicheal or David Niven for the screen role. I could see Niven when I read the books but this was'nt Bond for me.

I guess I must not be a literary fan. Perhaps if I'd read the books first I may not have been a fan and instead spent a life of collecting Daleks and police phone boxes or become normal.

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