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Looking for Professor in Paris for IFM


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Greetings from Institut de Formations et de Managements (IFM).


Our University confers the Bachelors of Arts, Science, Business Administration (BA, BSc, BBA), Master of Arts, Science, Master of Business Administration (MA, MSc, MBA).


Our programs could in bilingual (Fr/En) instruction or in English only


IFM is, an equitable and competitive employer is currently recruiting Professors/ Researchers, with several years of experience that are ready to empower and to teach students in BA, BSC, MA, MSc, MBA  programs.


We  are looking for Professor on:


  1. Communication Skill
  2. Dissertation Methods
  3. English language
  4. Economics
  5. Marketing
  6. Accounting
  7. Finance
  8. Human Resources Management
  9. Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation
  10. Sustainable Development Management
  11. Management Information Systems
  12. International Relations
  13. Cross-Cultural Business 
  14. Strategic Management
  15. Small Business Management
  16. Purchasing Management
  17. Tourism and Leisure: Customer Services Management
  18. Business Law
  19. International Tourisme Management  
  20. Tourism Marketing
  21. Tourism policy and planning         
  22. Health Systems and Health Policy
  23. Introduction to management and management of health systems
  24. Human resources management and health management
  25. Social and behavioural aspects of health management
  26. Financial and Economic management of public and private services
  27. Marketing in health organisations
  28. Health law and ethica
  29. Strategic Health Management and Governance


Applicants should be highly motivated, energetic with good interpersonal skills and flexibility in a demanding and fast-moving multicultural University environment.


Candidates may apply   at [email protected] to the Program Administrator





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