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Looking for the Cook family of Maisons Lafitte


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I'd be very grateful for any help in finding my mother's French relatives, surnamed Cook, who lived in Maisons-Laffitte in the Yvelines department. My mother's name was Margaret Florence Cook. She was educated at a convent boarding school in St Trond, Belgium.

My mother's grandfather was Edwin Cook, a well-known racehorse trainer of that area. His wife's name was Mary née Armstrong.

 Her father was Edwin's eldest child William Cook, one-time racing journalist on the Paris Daily Mail. He married Florence Hinton in 1918, my mother was their only child. My grandfather died in 1930 shortly after moving to London where he had obtained a post with The Sporting Life newspaper.

As far as I know, Edwin had two other sons whose names I don't know and two daughters, one of whom married a M. Forge and went to live in Nice.

They were connected to the Manby family who were also involved in horseracing.

Thanks very much for any help you can give me.


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Strangely enough, that approach worked for someone I came across who contacted me, thinking I was a long lost relative, which I was not. However, a contact idea I suggested bore fruit and they found the person almost immediately.

There can't be that many people in France or Belgium with the surname of Cook, can there?

National electoral register, same for départements?

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That's what  I had in mind. Call the Cook from Maisons Laffite and ask if they are related to the Cooks OP is after. Did that a couple of times for contacts in France on behalf od a friend and after second telephone call got to speak the the wanted person's uncle.
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Edwin and Mary didn't have any male children, only Cissy (b.1892 - d.1971) and Alice (b.1893 - d...??) who married Maurice Forge (b.1891 - d.1969). Alice & Maurice have a bit of history with the underground during WWII as you may be aware.

If you ever wanted to visit your Grandfathers' (William Cook) grave...it's in your neck of the woods anyway (Friern Barnet), and both Carole and I have visited it, and help clean it of debris/undergrowth. We can provide directions pics etc. if you like..?

I have also visited Maison Laffitte and spoken to the locals about the Cooks (not too many of them can remember that far back, but I managed to get some feedback/pics etc....if you're interested..?)

Anytime you want to communicate, please send me an email at :

[email protected]

...and we can put you onto all manner of historical stuff re the family.



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