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LAST EDITED ON 01-Jul-04 AT 04:37 PM (BST)

Try the Welsh Pub in Place Dalton. In spite of it's name its actually a good traditional French Brasserie.
Outside Boulogne try Le Relais at Ardres it faces the green.
I have eaten at both many times - but not in the last 2 years but I cannot see them changing.
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I'll second the proposal for the Welsh Pub. It's very traditional with waiters in waistcoats and long aprons, and the food is good too.

If you want a smaller place with a more intimate atmosphere, Le Doyen, in rue Doyen, I think, a narrow street to the left if you stand with your back to the Welsh Pub. It's very small, only five or six tables, and run by a man who cooks and a woman who serves and does everything else.
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