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Two kittens in great need of a loving home

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As the newly arrived in France family who were going to give the kittens (dumped in our garden) a home have let me down, I'm really trying to find a good home for two sweet little kittens.

We have four inside cats, one stray we've just had neutered, and can't have more. Can anyone please give the kittens a loving home - they are beautiful little things, tabby, one silver (the female) and the little male is darker. Very delightful, deflead and de wormed.

We'll deliver within reason (a couple of hours around Redon).

Don't want to take them to the SPA as the chance they will be put down is great. Also have an ad with our veterinarian, and son's friend is asking his schoolmates if they can help.

Julia near Redon

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[quote]Hi Julia, Did you have any responses? Are the kittens re-homed or just absorbed into your menagerie, now?[/quote]

Hello Loopy;

On the 'Pets' section I did post that the kittens now have a lovely home with a smashing lady and her husband -on a farm in Normandy. The couple have two horses, chickens, geese, barns, two other cats and the kittens are having the time of their lives!I'm so pleased that the response from two wonderful people has afforded the kittens a future. (Bless you Mary and Sue and Pete).

We really enjoyed visiting with the kitten's new owners and hope someday to meet up with them and the kittens again.

Just hope no more come over the fence! Though I must confess to missing the little sweeties very much and our cats miss them too. Still looking for them.

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