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January 1stSaturdayNew Years DayJour de l’an
January 3rdMondayBank Holiday 
March 25thFridayGood Friday  
March 27thSundayEaster SundayEaster Sunday
March 28th Monday Easter Bank Holiday Lundi de Pâques
May 1stSunday Labour Day/Fêtes du Travail
May 2ndMondayMay Day 
May 5thThursday Ascension Day
May 8thSunday Victory Day/Armistice 1945
May 15thSundaySpring Bank HolidayWhitsun/Pentecôte
May 16thMondayBank HolidayWhit Monday
May 30thMondayBank Holiday 
July 14thThursday Bastille Day/Fête National
August 15thMonday Assumption Day / Assomption
August 29thMondayAugust Bank Holiday 
November 1stTuesday All Saints Day/Toussaint
November 11thFridayRemembrance DayArmistice 1918
December 25thSundayChristmas DayNoël
December 26thMondayBoxing day holiday 
December 27thTuesdayBank holiday
*in lieu of Christmas day being on Sunday
Jour férié
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That list is wrong, what is it's source.

 The 27th of December isn't a jour ferie? That is not how it works here and the 25th of December is the jour ferie, which ever day it falls on, we don't have Boxing Day.

And the 16th of May has been done away with, the money is supposed to help some sort of national debt.

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Buntina, I would repost, but I don't know if all the UK ones are right and I would hate to infer that both sets of dates were right when I can only be sure of the french ones...... if you see what I mean.


NT do strikes count as jour feries now? I know that many people are annoyed about having this day taken from them.

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While we were in France on May 1st, the neighbours were up-in-arms as they said that the government was taking away one of their bank Holidays, Pentecost. Apparently, the SNCF employees are to be allowed to carry on taking this day off, so long as they work an extra one minute per day per year! The Government's afraid of drastic strike action!



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A minute a day, that wouldn't cover a days work. These people only work about 230 days a year. So that wouldn't even be four hours extra work.

Still we mustn't upset the SNCF. Retirement at 50 as it is such hard work driving a train........ hard back breaking work shovelling all that coal, working in those dire polluted conditions......oops ........... it's just a push button job these days isn't it and all those benefits they get, well wears them out. Still as I said, mustn't upset the SNCF. 

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