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Hi, We have a cottage in Henon, near Moncontour but haven't been able to visit it much in past year due to family committments. We are going over at the end of the month. Can anyone recommend any good restaurants (we have a 5 month old baby) in the area?

many thanks in advance


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Restaurant St Antoine in Plemet. (02 96 25 61 62) Small town but very out of character slightly swish place with a lovely deli/traiteur next door run by the same people. The excellent walnut bread they serve is their own and can be bought from the deli. Tends to get booked up because v popular with the French. Often full of business types from Loudeac on weekday lunch but can eat there Sunday lunch as well. Excellent food, beautifully served. We went recently for lunch and had 4 courses and petits fours for €11.30. Would have been excellent value at twice the price. I think the evening menu is about twice the price as it happens...

Hotel Commercial in Ploëc sur Lié serves excellent value straight forward Menu Ouvrier for €10 in more typical plain surroundings.

Pizza place in Moncontour. Often families there. Nice wood-stove cooked pizzas but service can be slow.

Chez Heguy Moncontour- new brasserie just opened. Not sure what it's like but looks jolly.

La Mulette in Moncontour for lovely seafood/moules including takeaway if your baby's a bit fractious. Friendly lady who runs it asks you if you want to speak French or English, which I think is a nice touch. She taught me the subjunctive for conduire..!

La Bisquine (I think that's the name) in Loudeac. Small friendly family-type place serving wholesome fare.

Crêperie de la Fontaine in Plessala. Only open lunch times. Often full. Great galettes and great puddings. They make thousands of galettes a day in the factory at the back to sell to supermarkets and restaurants for miles around. There's a window into the factory where you can watch them all beavering away It's facinating.


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