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Hello All!,

Some of you may have seen my posts on the Central France section following our recce of the Limousin region. Our visit led us to the conclusion that the Limousin is not for us, for our upcoming permanent move to France. We have reverted to our first choice of 56, and are out on a house hunting trip Mon 3rd May - Sat 8th May, 2 adults. So we are asking for recommendations or if anyone knows of B&B's in the area of Pontivy/Rohan/Locmine/BaudJosselin.

We have appointments with a number of agents in Locmine, Pontivy, Guemene-Sur-Scorff and Rohan.

Flying RyanAir to Dinard(41 return!) Hiring car via Hertz(103)

The above just for others info, I found the link from Ryan Air's site to Hertz to offer the cheapest car hire. (I think this was discussed elsewhere)

P.S Anyone know of a house for sale in the above areas?


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have you found anything yet  ?


home -We are building in one to sell one to keep  Rohan - lovely little town - posted details recently on forum, or ring me on 01603 432270 - paul.

B & b in this area is rare - we do self catering at Rohan, overlooking park,lake and canal. - beautiful - except for 30 orrible steps up to longere we stay in, so not for th unfit, and no large suitcases, we use plastic crates. contact me for phone number of owner if interested - very reasoonable and get owners in france discount on brittany ferries. our building plot is all of 400 metres from the longere, so it suits us very well. 

Regards, paul.

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