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still no tax bill

confused of chalus

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Nothing for us yet either - I wonder what they are going to take out of the  bank account on 15th October......... 

Normally this delay means that they are going to send me a "you owe us x thousand euros" threatening letter, stemming from the fact they cannot seem to get their heads around my husband's UK Govt pension not being taxable in France.  This has happened three times in 12 years, every time a new broom arrives in the tax office.......

Chrissie (81)

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You may be right. But many people such as UK homeowners recieved incorrectly assessed social charges on rental income, However for many they still recieved their Avis early.

Here is the response I recieved to my query:

Vous n’avez pas reçu votre avis d’imposition.

Rien d'anormal à priori car l’intégralité des avis n’est pas envoyée à ce jour.

Les prochains avis seront adressés selon le calendrier suivant :

- Courant septembre pour un paiement au 15/10/2013

- Courant octobre pour un paiement au 15/11/2013

- Courant janvier pour un paiement au 15/03/2014.
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