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Arriving Mid August for two weeks house renovation .. and our bored 10yr old son needs a pal for a fortnight Moyon, Nr St Lo (Dept50)

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Hi Folks,

We have a place we are renovating in Moyon (50) just south of St Lo. We are over from August 12th for a fortnight on our annual pilgrimage, where we sit in our site caravans looking at our house that looks like it will never be habitable.. Anyway, we are Lee, Sarah and Lewis, and my primary reason for posting is to find any families that maybe also have a football mad son to hook up with our lad who is getting fed up kicking a ball against a wall and waiting for dad to finish hammering bits of wood together in between swearing at them (the pieces of wood that is.. not his lovely family)

He's 11 (going on 20), very friendly and eats and sleeps football

It would be good for him not to have to spend the whole fortnight on his own for a change. we do have days out but it would be great for him to have a pal in his own age range

any offers/ideas/thoughts let me know by PM or mail to [email protected] or call on uk mobile no 07971 672308

ps he only knows 4 french words at the moment.. "Thierry Henry Franc Ribberry"

Thanks for reading

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