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ordures menageres campagne.. (Household waste)

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Hi Guys,

Quick question. We are "mid-way" through turning an old pile of stone into a liveable residence. It has no windows, no floors, no plumbing, no electrics etc etc.

We have gone through planning etc and have clearly not confirmed that the work has been completed.. we visit the property perhaps 3weeks a year to work on it (we reside in a caravan when we do) We do not generate household waste at the site and have never left a binbag out. We incinerate everything in an open fire.

Question is.. We have just received a bill for ordures menageres campagne.. as a non resident in the middle of renovations should we be paying this or should I argue it? Anyone with first hand knowledge would be appreciated

We are in Moyon, just south of St Lo in Dept50



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