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can someone please point me in the direction of some sky installation help.

i think i need an installation engineer in the Hesdin area

i live in a mini forest and the reception is poor. ty

it comes to something when i have to go and sit in the car to listen to 5 live

on that point can someone point to a good radio

i bought a french one which is fine but the tuning width is so small its hard to pick anything up without interference.

tyty i cant go though another weekend of sport without contact with the

outside world, but at least i have tickets too see australia and s


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Assuming that you have a wireless internet connection then what about an internet radio?

I have been using one for the last month and overall I am very pleased especially with the range of programs available, where I am working at the moment is at the limit of the Wi-fi signal and it is effectively in a Faraday cage so it does cut out a bit when it rains or snows.

What does "ty" mean in your postings?

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