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UK tax return faux pas

Rose (& Greyman)

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As the deadline for filing UK tax returns is approaching can I raise an

issue that I have come across increasingly during this year.


non-residents who file their own UK tax returns who have been in receipt

of income with tax deducted in UK but which is strictly taxable

in France complete their UK tax return as if they are still UK

residents, omitting the non-residents pages. I have read many threads on

forums from posters almost bragging about how they have tricked the

online filing system to accept a non-UK postcode and don't bother with

the NR pages.

What they don't realise is that in the case of many

pensions and bank interest any tax deducted would be recovered in full

if they completed the returns correctly. During this year I have helped a

number of clients make claims going back up to three years recovering

thousands of pounds in tax. In all cases they were totally unaware of

the situation.

It seems a shame to me that many pensioners who are short of cash unwittingly give too much income tax to the UK Treasury.
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Timely reminder Greyman.....so I've just downloaded Forms R43.

Worth remembering too that when tax paid on interest earned is being reclaimed if the account is in joint names two separate forms need to be submitted, each declaring/claiming half of the sum in question.

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Greyman, nothing to do with my tax return but I am not sure how to find out if Rose has read 1) the email I sent her and 2) her thread that I have revived to tell her of the TV programme "Pilgrimage" which might be of interest to her!

Could you please throw some more grapes or sweets at Rose, svp?

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